To support our bridge between the US and China markets and the launching of our clinical pipeline, we have numerous companies that are part of our family.

Athenex Pharma Solutions

Athenex Pharma Solutions, located in Clarence, New York, is a turn-key service provider to both internal and external clients with a focus on commercialization problem-solving.

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Polymed Therapeutics

Based in Houston, Texas, Polymed Therapeutics has been at the forefront in the manufacture of APIs and Chemicals, with state-of-the-art and regulatory approved cGMP facilities and R&D laboratories in China.

For the past decade our API division has been a leader in the supply of pharmaceutical grade yet low cost specialty active ingredients and intermediates, for the global market.

Our Fine Chemicals division specializes in Custom Synthesis, and serves the global markets of Pharmaceutical and Specialty Chemicals. Our team of scientists has expertise in the whole range of manufacture – from R&D, pilot scale, to industrial scale. Being flexible and fast, our plants achieve extremely complex or simple synthesis, for large or small demands.

Our in-vitro diagnostic devices are rapid testing kits used to detect, prevent, and diagnose various medical conditions. These kits are simple to use and are priced competitively to meet our customers’ needs. Our scientific team of experts manufacture these high quality medical device kits. Polymed is a cGMP facility that meets the ISO standards.

Polymed is financially stable, technologically proficient and dedicated to providing excellent products and services at competitive costs, to be the optimal strategic supplier to global customers.

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Comprehensive Drug Enterprises Ltd, located in Hong Kong, is a specialty pharmaceutical company that focuses on the development of transmucosal drug delivery, with special emphasis on sublingual and nasal administration of pharmaceuticals. CDE had patented a number of technologies through their internal research and product development.

CDE was founded in 2005 and located at a research facility in Hong Kong Science Park, with a medical devices production facility in Chongqing. CDE has experienced rapid growth in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and their product market is estimated at about USD 760 million. CDE is represented by a team of dedicated scientists and professionals with various disciplines associated with financing, sales and marketing, pharmaceutical research and development, and corporate management.

CDE has successfully leveraged local government support and an extensive research collaboration network with universities in Hong Kong, China and the US and works closely with their business partners in research and development. For example, Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited (NAMI), a leader in nanotechnologies and advanced material, is one of CDE’s major collaborators.

The invention of Promptol™ (the only sublingual Propranolol product in the market for the management of hypertension) brought CDE a Technological Achievement Award from HK Awards for Industries in 2007. In 2012, CDE launched a motion sickness oral solution, Averti™ followed by successful registration in Hong Kong in the same year. Antipruritic Hydrogel, developed for burn-induced pruritis, has been approved in China and is available on the Chinese market.