Athenex Operation Infographic

We have crafted our business model in order to capture the market opportunities in two of the largest pharmaceutical markets in the world. The U.S. represents the largest pharmaceutical market in the world. China has identified biotechnology as one of its strategic industries of focus. In addition, there are several unique aspects to the two markets whereby most biopharmaceutical companies are not well positioned to capture both U.S. and China markets. We have research and product development teams in both countries allowing us to leverage our innovation platform resources, including development and regulatory expertise, to maximize opportunities in both countries. We intend to serve as a technology bridge between these unique markets. We also expect to identify new technology opportunities through acquisitions, licensing or partnering in either market and position ourselves as a gateway to the other market.

We have a business model positioned to capture value by creating opportunities through multiple levers for growth. We are internalizing our commercial infrastructure and supply chain through a variety of organic methods, acquisitions, and partnerships which we believe will enable us to capture greater shareholder value as well as minimize supply chain risk for our proprietary oncology product pipeline. We have built a commercial sales and marketing infrastructure in the U.S. and intend to continue to further build out this segment. This segment is selling existing in-licensed therapeutically related oncology products as a means of funding our commercial infrastructure. Through acquisitions, we own elements of a high potency oncology supply chain, which we believe are important to control in order to minimize risk of disruption. By utilizing capital efficient public-private partnerships in the U.S. and China, we expect to have built cGMP manufacturing facilities in both geographies. We expect to continue to further build out this model using a variety of different methods, including organic growth, strategic acquisitions and collaborations.

Commercial Segment

We have begun building our U.S. commercial operation in preparation for future FDA approvals of our proprietary product candidates. We believe that our experienced product commercialization team can build an infrastructure that leverages both our global facilities and collaborative relationships to achieve global distribution of any FDA approved products in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Internal Supply Chain

We believe internalization of our supply chain is uniquely suited to execute in both the U.S. and China, two of the world’s largest pharmaceutical markets. We intend to utilize cGMP manufacturing facilities from our public/private partnerships in both the China and U.S. markets as a mechanism to access both important markets and minimize supply disruptions. We intend to manufacture certain of our proprietary drugs and our partnered drugs commercialized around the world. Additionally, we expect that the expansion of our existing cGMP high potency API facilities will provide us with more flexibility, and control over high potency APIs as our drugs start to become commercialized. Our goal is to continue expanding this infrastructure and to leverage it to maintain future financial flexibility by optimizing our financial commitments and capital expenditures, which we believe will create value for shareholders.

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