In 2016, Athenex began building out the Company’s U.S.-based specialty pharmaceutical products organization in advance of the launch of our own proprietary products. The Athenex specialty pharmaceutical products team markets and sells in-licensed and 503B pharmaceutical products which are therapeutically related to our proprietary portfolio. In 2019, the Company established Athenex Oncology to lead the launch and commercial marketing of our proprietary products. The Company has also internalized key components of the supply chain, which it believes are integral to minimizing the risks of potential disruptions associated with a high potency oncology supply chain.

Athenex Pharmaceutical Division (APD)

The Company’s U.S. specialty pharmaceuticals business sources products through licensing agreements with various partners, who we refer to as our Global Partner Network. APD benefits from unique commercial expertise in multisource oncology and therapeutically related products. Furthermore, APD has developed a number of Global Partners that develop and manufacture multisource products for the U.S. market. Athenex’s Global Partner collaborations represent a profit split between the Company and its partners. Athenex markets the products to Gatekeepers and Influencers in the U.S. oncology market, helping prepare the future launches of any approved Athenex proprietary oncology products into the U.S. market.

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Athenex Pharma Solutions (APS)

Athenex Pharma Solutions represents the Company’s 503B Compound Pharmacy business. In our cGMP manufacturing facility, APS produces both sterile-to-sterile products, and products from sterile bulk API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient). APS sources certain of the API for our sterile bulk API products from our own internal supply chain.

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Athenex Oncology

Athenex Oncology was established to provide accessible information and multiple resources to oncology customers, including healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers, who we believe will greatly benefit from Athenex’s pipeline of innovative oncology products.

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Polymed Taihao

Polymed (Polymed Therapeutics Inc.) and Taihao (Chongqing Taihao Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.), acquired in 2015, secure API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) for the Company’s specialty pharmaceutical products and future proprietary commercial supply. Taihao is a cGMP manufacturer of high potency oncology API based in Chongqing, China, and a new, larger API manufacturing facility in Chongqing, China was constructed and commenced operations in 2021. The new facility is expected to expand our API production capabilities to further support global clinical development and commercial supply needs. Polymed represents the U.S. marketing entity for Taihao’s API in North America and Europe.

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The manufacturing of tirbanibulin ointment is conducted by Athenex. The API is manufactured at the Company’s facility in Chongqing, China. The Athenex team at the Company’s Clarence, New York facility is responsible for the manufacturing process and shipping of the final product.

Photos of Production