Dr. Barnett is a successful drug development executive who brought four drugs, two of which are blockbusters, to the marketplace during his tenure at Schering-Plough (SP). He led the effort that resulted in the discovery of Claritin (and Clarinex), a non-sedating antihistamine that is Schering-Plough’s leading product and was the fifth leading drug, based on sales, in the world.  He also managed the discovery program that led to Zetia, a novel cholesterol-lowering agent that was introduced to the market in November 2002. In 1994, Dr. Barnett assumed the duties of Vice President of Technology Acquisition and External Collaborations and was involved with the in-licensing of new technology and the structuring of academic collaborations for SP.  Collaborations included Cephalon, Pharmacopeia, Neurogen, Genome Therapeutics, Human Genome Sciences, Chiroscience, Synteni/Incyte, Navicyte, Terragen, Biosearch Italia, Transgene, Myriad Genetics and Genzyme.  Significant academic collaborations included The Whitehead Institute, Duke University, Stanford University, University of Toronto, Harvard University, Aaron Diamond Research Center, Vanderbilt University, Columbia University, Penn State University, SUNY at Buffalo and N.Y.U.  Dr. Barnett elected to retire from SP in 1998 and continued to provide consulting services to SPRI and other companies as a consultant until assuming his current role with Kinex Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Barnett received a Ph.D. in pharmacology from the University at Buffalo (UB), School of Medicine and is active on an advisory board for the School of Pharmacy at UB.