William Zuo, PhD

President – Polymed Therapeutics

William has served as President of Polymed Therapeutics since 1995 and Chairman of Chongqing Taihao Pharmaceutical since 2012. William specializes in the development, manufacturing, global sale and marketing of various complex Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (“API”), especially the injectable Oncology APIs. William was the CEO of the Fibrocell Science (NYSE: FCSC) companies in Asia from 2010 to 2013. He introduced the first US FDA approved cell therapeutics product, LaViv, to the Asia market. William has been responsible for the building of numerous cGMP facilities in China and has extensive experience in dealing with the Food and Drug Administration in both China and the United States.

William received his PhD in Nanotechnology from Rice University where he worked extensively with Dr. Richard Smalley, the late Nobel Prize Scholar. William also has a Masters degrees in Chemical Engineering and Applied Mathematics from Rice University.